Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hurricane hits Mumbai, India- does it have any implications?

So why are we discussing it here?
Well the reason is that there's a relationship of hurricanes with Asthma!

Hurricanes do have an affect on asthma patients, and the 2005 hurricane season has gotten off to a busy start.
In 1992, after Hurricane Floyd, the CDC established a link between hurricanes and an increase in asthma severity.
After a hurricane there is increased particle matter in the air, there is no electricity and an increase in mold grow months afterward.
While cleaning up debris, asthma patients should use a mask that fits securely over the mouth and nose. If at anytime during the cleanup an asthma patient starts to feel short of breath, begins to cough or experiences chest tightness, the asthma patient needs to sit down and rest immediately. Asthmatics may need to find another way to aid in the cleanup besides digging through debris.
With electricity out, possibly for days, asthma patients need to make sure they have a battery operated nebulizer. If they do not, asthma patients who use a nebulizer on a regular basis to control asthma symptoms need to check with their doctor or local hospital.
After a hurricane, mold will grow. Make sure all standing water, wet carpet, wet ceilings, etc. are dried thoroughly. If wet carpet, ceilings, furniture, etc. are not replaced immediately make sure these items as well as others are monitored closely for mold growth.
Hurricanes are part of our weather. With hurricanes comes an increase in possible triggers for asthmatics.


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