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Has anyone ever explained why you have COPD?

Has anyone ever explained why you have COPD?

Classic COPD appearences as pulmonary enphisema & Chronic bronchitis
Make the following experiment: Inhale as much as you can, fill your lungs with air and hold your breath. Now, exhale a little, and soon after hold your breath. From this point (even with lungs full of air), to breathe again, but based on this interval.
It is exactly this way that a COPD patient breathes with lungs full of air, but with an ability to Exhale (put the air out) Limited.
This is because COPD, an acronym for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (more commonly known as emphysema or chronic bronchitis), causes an inflammation in the bronchi of the lungs that obstruct the air passage. As the air out of the lung must be “pushed” by a positive pressure generated by the muscles, he finds difficulty and became trapped, leads to hyperinflation, one of the reasons for the lack of air or oxygen.
COPD is a disease still largely unknown by most people, including their holders.
The profile of the person with COPD is generally a person smoking, about 40 years and that has as its main symptoms are cough and shortness of breath.
Smokers think the cough is a natural product that comes “free” with the cigarette and that one day will pass … Big mistake! The cough does not cease, by contrast, tends to worsen and the smoker becomes accustomed to thinking that the cough is normal!
Diagnosis of COPD
The vast majority of people who smoke because they think they made a chest x-ray recently, and this is with the report “normal.” Unfortunately the picture is not all! The chest radiograph may be normal, even though the patient may have COPD.
The lab exam that diagnoses COPD is spirometry or pulmonary function test (also known as “blow test”). The spirometry assesses lung function data that may indicate to be a smoker with COPD.
But remember: Smoking causes 52 different diseases and COPD is one of them!
Tobacco Industry & COPD smoker
For the “happiness” of tobacco industry, as cigarettes industries, smokers think they can quit at any time. This, for the vast majority of people do not happen, for one simple reason:

Cigarettes contain nicotine that is an addiction substance, provokes quimic dependency and makes very difficult to quit smoking!
Accordind to PULMAOSA Medical Editor, Dr. Marcos Nascimento: “Quit smoking without medical supervision is extremely difficult, only 3-5 people among 100 do. Hence the need to search for medical and psychological help to start a cognitive behavioral treatment, complement Dr. Nascimento. And if you need to use medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms – which is that irrepressible desire to return to smoking, there are some medicines available today. Thus, the treatment of smokers have a greater chance of success and you can prevent the progression of COPD.
Tobacco Industries and its Marketing Policy
Like any commercial enterprise, tobacco industries target PROFIT, and just want to be able to pay their shareholders. Tobacco Industries obviously know that the customer can get sick! In fact, it’s just knowing that your customers will get sick and may die or cease to be customers, they have developed a highly focused marketing on young people and women to feed back their customer base and therefore continue their lucrative business.
There is a Chinese saying that someone asks when is the best time to plant a tree. And the answer says that the best time was twenty years ago. The second best time is now!
Therefore, so it is with COPD and smoking: The Best, would be no smoking at any time, but will ALWAYS be an excellent time to STOP SMOKING. Therefore, seek the help of a pulmonologist to informs you about the dangers of smoking and lead the best treatment for COPD.
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