Friday, January 29, 2010

Yousaytoo Awards - a bit offtopic! to break the monotony.

Friends today I am going a bit off topic in my bid to break the monotony and also put forward my optimistic side!
I am extremely glad to share information regarding the "yousaytoo awards". This award is given in the category of internet blogs. I am extremely hopeful and the optimism in myself comes to its its full bloom , the moment i think of a $1,000 holiday dream gift coming my way. It could be a clinic utility with which I could serve my patients.I being a Chest Physician a simple spirometer would be a dream gift for me which I could utilise for my patients. The fun gifts are really funny and the one that interests me the most is the digital photoframe keyring to put the keys of my two wheeler and carry my most memorable pics with me.I know that there are many competitors in the competition and my chances are a lot dependent on luck. Still I am an optimistic person and will continue to enrich my blog with some very useful sites that will definitely be resourceful to everyone.

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